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FMA HelStar 6 Replica (multiple options)

FMA HelStar 6 Replica (multiple options)

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The FMA HelStar 6 Replica

Easily the most useful airsoft marking strobe. Velcro backed, color option of choice, IR capible, and it strobes. Need I say more? 

Powered by a cr123a ( not included) giving you ample opportunities to signal when you're hit while playing indoor or outdoor. Looks great on any tacticool helmet setup and has a pretty good battery life. Make sure you shut it off and didn't just put it into IR mode. Otherwise you'll be real sad next time you goto use it and the battery is dead. Sad reacts to anyone who has done that before. 

Material: Nylon Material
Type: Multi-Function Tool
Weight: 0.05kg
Size: length 8.5cm * width 5.5cm
Color: black, mud color
Product features:
1.color identification, strong control, two-color optional, waterproof and durable.
2.Suitable for all kinds of helmets.
Package Includes:1pcs helmet light

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