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Multicam Alpine Poncho

Multicam Alpine Poncho

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The perfect addition to any snow kit at a reasonable price. 

You know it, we know it, everyone played that one Call of Duty mission and now you want to play in the snow. It looks cool. But why spend $100's+ on a set of snow camo bdu's just to maybe have a chance to wear it a few times a year. Now while a poncho isn't always the most practical, it does go over whatever you're wearing. Giving you the ability to quickly put it on and take it off while out on the field. Optionally put your chest rig or plate carrier on over it and wear it like a smock. While these provide next to no insulation, they do look cool, and give you the snow camo aesthetics. Because at the end of the day 99% of airsoft is looking cool. 

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