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RDX XM203 B.O.S.S. System (Pre-Order)

RDX XM203 B.O.S.S. System (Pre-Order)

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Be among the first to experience the revolutionary XM203 Grenade Launcher Gun sound simulator. With its unique, patented technology, this simulator will push the limits of your gaming experience to new heights. This product is currently MADE TO ORDER.

After the successful launch of the XM203. RDX has given us the green light to release more slots for the pre order!

These units will be included in the late August early September delivery. 

What is the B.O.S.S. system?  

The RDX XM203 B.O.S.S. system is a revolutionary piece of airsoft tech.

Aesthetically, it looks like an m203. However, when properly wired into your airsoft replica, each pull of your trigger will result in the B.O.S.S. cycling, causing a small controlled combustion of green gas, mapp gas or propane resulting in a 120-150dB "gunshot" sound. Does it do anything for the performance of your airsoft replica? No, it does not. However, it makes whatever airsoft replica you have it on, way more fun to shoot. 

Comes with 1x B.O.S.S. Cable and 1x USB dongle

(Heavy weight buffer not included) 

  • Fire Rate 1-1000 RPM (User Adjustable).
  • Status LED.
  • MAPP, Propane, or Green Gas (1k+Rnds per charge).
  • B.O.S.S. cable (+/- Signal).
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates.
  • USB Key for Power ON/OFF and Security.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • B.O.S.S. Seal options temperature < 0°c.
  • IP64 Protection.
  • 145-150dB approx.
  • **Hearing protection is required!**
  • Each unit will ship with the newest firmware (To include "god mode", semi only mode, and "silent mode") 

This is a limited run, soft launch of the RDX XM203. Zulu Outdoor is the official distributor of RDX products in the USA. This is a pre-order system. 

How do pre orders work?


6 Month warranty, covering manufacturing defects. 

Units damaged by the user due to improper maintained or abuse are not covered under warranty. 


Must be 18+ to purchase. This is a non refundable payment. By purchasing this item you agree to all terms and conditions listed above. Any delay in this process due to, but not limited to. Manufacturing issues, shipping delays, or customs formalities, WILL BE COMMUNICATED to the customers via email, as well as social media posts. 


Hearing protection is REQUIRED while using the B.O.S.S. system, we recommend the Axil G.S. Extreme 2.0 ear buds!


For all RDX products there are two options 

-Pickup in store

-UPS ground with insurance from Zulu Outdoor to you. The items do not ship directly from NZ to you, this is not a drop shipping item. Being the U.S. distributor. The B.O.S.S. XM203s will arrive at Zulu Outdoor first, receive one last quality inspection, then they will be shipped from us to you.  

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