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ITW Web Dominator

ITW Web Dominator

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Secure loose webbing, wires, and cords with the Berry Compliant American-made ITW Web Dominator elastic fastener. The elastic shock cord comes in one long piece so operators can cut it to their preferences for easily secure tactical gear like hydration tubes and communications equipment to their backpacks. No sewing required. The Web Dominator is also the best silent solution for keeping tactical backpacks and duffel bags free from snag hazards. Simply attach the Web Dominator to the end of your loose webbing, roll it up to the buckle, then lock the webbing in place by securing the elastic shock cord around the bottom of the Web Dominator. The Web Dominator also comes with the cloaking benefits of GhilleTEX™ IR Signature Reduction Technology.

Color: Coyote Brown
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